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Grizzly Logic, Inc. can provide database application development for nearly any size company or Government agency. The following is a short list of services that we provide to local County Property Appraisers and private companies that work with County data.
Web Hosting
Basic Web Site includes:
  • www.YourCountyDomain.com web hosting on our dual-Intel Pentium Web & SQL Servers
  • Unlimited email POP3 mail boxes (everyone in your office can have their own email address)
  • Ample Hard Drive space to host your custom web site.
  • Already have a web site? We can integrate our search engines into your existing frame work. Or, save your existing web hosting fees and host your entire system on our servers. We will work with you.
  • Records Search
    Property Appraisers
  • Easy to Use Custom Query Screen
  • Blazing Fast Search Results via SQL Server
  • Well organized and Easy to Read & Print Report Output
  • Complete Integration of your GIS Mapping Data (ArcView, MapInfo, Infocad...)
  • Tax Collectors
  • Custom Query screens and output, similar to the snap-shots above.
  • Easily integrate the search engine and results with the Property Appraiser data.
  • Do you accept Credit Cards over the counter? Our Secure environment will easily allow you to extend that service to your Web visitors too.
  • Clerk of Courts
  • State of the art Name Search feature with near instant results.
  • Search Clerk data by Name, Book/Page, File ID, & Geographic via the Legal Description.
  • Cross Reference Deeds to Property Appraiser Database.
  • Our custom import routines will parse your Legal Description and cross reference all Mortgage Satisfactions, Release of Liens, & Final Judgments (or any Book/Page Reference) back to their original recorded Instrument.
  • Has your Microfilm been converted to TIF format yet? Our servers can easily cross reference any of your electronic Image data.